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How to be a Wireman (Part 1)

As stated in Electricity Regulations 1994, the Wireman eligibility is based on Regulation 50 which state, to sit for the examination for a Certificate of Competency as a Wireman (based on Suruhanjaya Tenaga website):

1.1 Single-Phase Wireman (Private Candidates)

  • Applications to sit for the Competency Examination for Single-Phase Wireman should be done using Form ST (PE)1 Amendment 2003.
  • Qualifications are as stated in Regulation 50, Electricity Regulations 1994 and Electricity Regulations (Amended) 2003.
  • The minimum academic qualifications 50(1c) has been set at Form 3 in a government assisted school or passed Peperiksaan Menengah Rendah (PMR) certification or equivalent.
  • Applicants who possess a MLVK (Electrician) Certificate/mid-level SRM and have interned for 6 months with an Electrical Contractor and have a complete log book are exempted from taking the theory, practical and oral examination.
  • Candidates who are qualified will only be awarded a Certificate of Competency as Single-Phase Wireman without Endorsement for installation testing. However, any candidate who intends to obtain the Wireman Certification with Endorsement is required to take the oral examination. If they fail the oral examination, certification will only be given for Wireman without Endorsement for installation testing.
  • Candidates who are interested in taking the Wireman Examination with Endorsement for installation testing will have to pay both the Examination fees and the Endorsement Examination fees.
  • Candidates with the MLVK Certificate(Intermediate Level) or Malaysian Skill Certificate (Level Two) and have working experience of not less than 6 months with a registered electrical contractor are eligible to apply for PW1 Wireman Certification, without sitting for the theory and practical component of the Wireman Examination. However, this exemption does not include MLVK/SKM Certificate holders who obtained their certificates through the Accreditation of Prior Achievement (APA).
  • The eligibility chart to sit for the examination for the Certificate of Competency as a Single Phase Wireman is shown in Appendix A1.
    • The flowchart showing the procedure to take the examination for the Certificate of Competency as a Single-Phase Wireman is shown in Appendix A2.

The Syllabus for Single-Phase Wireman Competency Examination

  • Electricity Supply Act 1990 and Energy Commission Act 2001.
  • Electricity Regulations 1994 and Electricity Regulations (Amendment) 2003.
  • Electrical Installations of Buildings – MS IEC 60364
  • Resuscitation, first aid and treatment of electric shock.
  • Basic Knowledge on Electricity:
    • Introduction to voltage, current, resistance, power, induction, capacitance, frequency and other quantities that are related to electricity.
    • Ohm’s Law.
    • Serial and parallel connection
    • Power formula
    • Electricity supply and voltage rating system 
  • Cables
    • Types of cables, color code and use.
    • The right cable selection such as:
      • Current flow capacity
      • Voltage depreciation calculation
      • Miscellaneous factors
      • Correction factors
      • Types of cable termination
  • Wiring
    • Wiring system
    • Surface, embedded, conduits, mains, etc
    • Selection factors
    • Types and size of conduits/ mains
    • Space factor
  • Lighting Circuit
    • One-way switches, two- way switches, intermediate switches
    • Power circuits
    • Radius, ring, spur
    • Power point for air conditioning
    • Power point for water heaters
    • Separators
  • Test Equipment and Testing
    • Types of testing
    • Polarity, continuity, insulation, etc
    • Types of test equipment
    • Insulation testing, earth resistance testing, multimeter, main ring tester, RCB tester and test equipment related to testing of electrical wiring.
  • Equipment to Measure Electricity Quantity
    • Use of measuring equipment and the operating principles, that is, ampere span, voltage span, KWH span, clamp on tester, avometer, etc.
  • Switch Tool & Distribution Board (SPN)
    • Types of distribution boards, consumer units, outlets,etc
    • Cut out dan Neutral Link
  • Circuit Protection
    • Types of electrical damage
    • Protection devices and use
    • Types of fuses, rating, operation, testing
    • Types of main switches, current rating, fuse rating
    • MCB, operations, current rating, testing
  • Earthing
    • Types of earthing, earthing principles, earth leakage barriers, protective conductivity and earth electrodes.
    • Related single phase RCB device, operation and regulations
  • Lightning Protection System
    • Types and use of lightning arrestors
  • Electrical Apparatus
    • Operating principles of electrical apparatus such as water heaters, electric cookers, electric bells, etc
    • Single-phase starters
  • Electric Installation Design
    • Knowledge of electric symbols
    • Knowledge of schematic diagrams and electrical layout
    • Standard color code for telephone systems, gas, water and fire extinguishers
    • Load calculation

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